High-Quality Speakers & TVs That Don’t Compromise Aesthetics


Enjoy Unparalleled Sound and Video Throughout Your Home with Hidden AV 

Your home is more than a space you occupy. From the architectural flow of the rooms to the details of decor and furnishings, they are reflections of you. While a smart home offers you the power to shape personal environments and entertainment, the devices can overpower your home décor. 

Adding whole-home audio video to an existing home can seem daunting. Whether you are concerned about thoughts of tearing up walls or having to endure 'bumps on the wall,' our HTA certified designers have solutions to fit your needs and aesthetics.

Music should be heard, not seen; lyrical pictures and concepts influenced by a song are far more evocative when created inside your own head. In the same way, hidden speakers allow you to focus on how the sounds make you feel, generating audio that appears to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. 

Are you curious about the possibilities of adding whole-home AV your Salt Lake City, UT home? Then continue reading below to discover more.

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Custom Whole-Home Integration by a Sonos Dealer


Make Every Room in Your House an Audiophile Experience

All it takes is one song to change your day, allowing you to take on the world.

Modern brain research shows that the simple act of listening to music activates every region of the brain. In particular, we process sound in melody and rhythm in both the high functioning language areas and the cerebellum, the part Carl Sagan called ‘the reptilian brain’ in his book, The Dragons of Eden.

Humans’ intimate relationship with music goes beyond the intellectual; it also stimulates the production of dopamine, a hormone associated with pleasure and focus. With such a connection, why not bring music to every area of your house? As a premier Sonos dealer, we install custom multi-room systems that include in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities for your Park City, UT home? Learn more in our blog below!  

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Make Your New Home More Entertaining with Whole Home Audio-Video


Working with A Premier Smart Home Integrator Ensures the Best Results.

Music and movies are essential parts of our daily lives, and they serve to inspire, motivate, give us pause, and make us think. Psychologists have long understood that the content we choose to watch and listen to defines more than transitory moments; they are an innate part of one’s identity.

Modern streaming technologies offer an infinite selection of songs, shows, films, and more from anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking to relax after a long day with a rom-com or be transported by a new band, your Park City, UT home deserves the best in whole-home audio video distribution.

When you invest in a smart home system, you need a trusted integrator from the start of a new build. Continue reading below to discover how working with the All Metro Tech team is your best choice.

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