Fill Your Whole Home With Sound

Sonos Whole Home Audio Creates a Unified Listening Experience

The goal of home automation is to establish a seamless technological experience throughout every room of your Draper, UT house. When you include Sonos in your smart home, you’re one step closer to a whole home audio video system that cooperates with your other electronics. On its own, Sonos has created one of the most engaging, best sounding, and easiest-to-use audio devices around. However, when it becomes a part of a total home system, you have the control to create the proper soundscape for every room, mood, and situation you desire. To learn more about the Sonos system and how it can change your home experience, read on.


Sonos has made a name for themselves by developing products that are deceptively simple; they offer the most modern solutions that are easy to operate. On your end, you will only need to plug in the Sonos system and connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi. Working with a smart home company will ensure everything is working properly, speakers are where they should be placed and each speaker has a name --perhaps based on location--so you will know which speaker you are adjusting. You can control what streams on which speaker and how loud through an app on a smart device. Sonos has taken care of the rest—with their TruePlay feature, your speakers will tune themselves based on the room’s acoustics. Also, as you add more speakers throughout your home, the system uses mesh-networking capability to ensure that each location is receiving audio transmission with no lag time. Integration

When integrating Sonos with the rest of your smart home technologies, talk to your automation contractor about best practices with your chosen smart home system. Sonos works well with many manufacturers, but the Crestron Sonos partnership is particularly user-friendly. As you have access to the entire Sonos app within the Crestron environment, you can browse the full catalog of streaming services through the same controls that turn on the lights and video services.

When all your smart technologies are on one system, you can create the exact mood you’d like for each room, even for outdoors. For the kitchen, establish the perfect cooking space for every evening. You can set a kitchen “scene” where the lights are bright, the shades are closed to block the sun, and the Sonos speaker plays Italian opera. In your home gym, set dim lights, pump your workout playlist, and turn up the air conditioning. Then when you’re ready for these activities, all you must do is press one button, and your space will be ready.

What’s Next

The most exciting features of bringing Sonos into your smart home may still be to come. Currently, they offer over 60 streaming services globally but are continually adding new options, like the recent addition of Apple Music. Through software updates, Sonos can improve your experience without any hardware changes on your end. As these changes occur, you can always turn to your integrator to master the latest and greatest features.

When you incorporate Sonos into your smart house, you are inviting in a better listening experience with music options perfect for every room and every member of your family. Contact us today, and we can help make Sonos a reality in your Draper home.

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